Intensive Couples Weekend

When our needs don't get met, it hurts.  Our hurt tends to get expressed as anger.  We end up having petty arguments; then, can't even remember what what we were arguing about.  Too many couples feel lonely even when they are together.  The love letters stopped a long time ago.  Sex happens as quickly as possible while the kids are asleep.  Even living in the same house, we do not spend a great deal of time talking about our relationship.  We talk about work, the kids, the finances, the house, the car, our friends, and our family.  Yet, we wonder why our relationships are failing.  If your relationship isn't strong and balanced, your life will reflect it through your kids, your finances, your job, and even your health. will address issues including: communication, conflict resolution, finances, parenting, spirituality, intimacy, and sexual expectations. I will be available outside of scheduled sessions for brief consultation or emergencies.


Cost: $1000 - $1500 (subject to current hotel rates)

Weekend includes:

Room at the Doubletree Galleria for 2 nights

Computerized assessment through Prepare-Enrich

Prepare-Enrich Workbook

Five 2-hour therapy sessions

Other amenities/therapeutic resources related to identified issue(s

  • Does it seem like all you and your spouse do is argue?
  • When was the last time the two of you had sex?
  • Do you find yourself longing for the way it was when you first met?
  • Do you ever wish the two of you could just get away from everything and have time to focus on nothing but your relationship?
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This platform is about remembering our of self-love. It is about our resilience as women. It is about loving ourselves and honoring our journey as women.  It is about forgiving ourselves and giving ourselves permission.  one another. It is about transcending. It is about defying gravity, as our ancestors have always done, and leaving a legacy so that generations after us may do the same. During these times when so many stories are being told about us, we will need those we tell about ourselves to be our real truth.

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