Tell me what makes you smile?

This is a documentary capturing random accounts of what makes a women smile. As little girls many of us remember having a contagious smile. As we were thrusted into womanhood many of us lost our innocence and along with obstacles, heartache and heartbreaks.... lost  our little girl smiles. 

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This platform is about remembering our of self-love. It is about our resilience as women. It is about loving ourselves and honoring our journey as women.  It is about forgiving ourselves and giving ourselves permission.  one another. It is about transcending. It is about defying gravity, as our ancestors have always done, and leaving a legacy so that generations after us may do the same. During these times when so many stories are being told about us, we will need those we tell about ourselves to be our real truth.

We help the smartest ladies in the room visualize hope, confront fears and create the life they envisioned.

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