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Feeling the pressure to handle your own problems, we know all people need support and this is not a sign of wealkness. no one can constantly give and give strength means understanding what you need and knowing your limitations.

TYou rarely  cry or allow yourself  to be vulnerable an the pressure of not failing to live up to this standard of invulnerability can lead to feelings of shame among black women who feel as if they are breaking under the stress of the lives — because the myth is that strong black women can’t be brokenthe word “strong” has been used to dehumanize black women, to trivialize their pain, to create an impossible standard for young black girls to strive towards.have a range of human emotions and expressions 

We help with stress and anxiety. We help women mend battered hearts and heal from broken relationships. We'll help you navigate from quarter life crisis, to midlife transition and we will be by your side for all of life stages in-between. We will help you explore intimacy and sexuality


Imagine... learning how to balance the temptation to appear unbreakable with the desire to help others. Imagine how calm and relaxed you would feel.  

Imagine you being a great parent and partner, excelling in your career, serving your community, looking runway ready (I might add) all while prioritizing creating the best version of you. 

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