Counseling Services For Women

I absolutely love working with women who are 40 and older. Strong confident women, you are up before 6 and have rode 15 miles on your Peloton before many hear their alarm clocks. You are either back in the dating world or you may be on your 2nd or 3rd marriage. You are a lady of influence in your respective industries. You often struggle with insecurity, poor boundaries and overcoming shame from past and present relationships. You want someone to love you, you feel empty lonely and sometimes afraid.

Therapy Practice for Women

A Therapy Practice for Women

You are well dressed, well spoken, well educated... appearing to have it all together. You step out feeling confident and looking successful, yet you are exhausted, drained and feel unappreciated. Overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed out. You are the "go to" person during the day and at night you find your mind racing with thoughts of everything you must do for everyone else. Stretched to the limit, trying to do it all. Neglecting yourself while caring for others. You struggle to prioritize time to create the best version of you. You are counting the hours until the house is quiet and you can have a glass of wine or two, or finish the leftover cake- Frustrated.