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Strong women rise from the ashes of their former selves. They are built from the fires of hardship and struggle
— Aimee Barnes Pestano

My passion is helping women who are self sacrificing, masters at masking & suppressing  their own emotions in the interest of appearing strong. Women who have the ability to nurture and work seemingly limitless catering to everyone else's needs but their own. Women who make themselves the last priority.Women who are in their 40s and beyond who can make away out of no way, ride or die, don't take shit kind of women. My primary areas of interest include broken relationships, intimacy & sexuality, and exploring life stage transitions. 

Ambassador of Hope

Ambassador of Hope

As we age, everything changes! Our bodies, our relationships, our priorities... Sometimes if feels like our lives have been shaken up like a snow globe. I love helping people make sense out of the journey. Let me help you learn to  appreciate all of life's beautiful stages in-between. know change can be scary and it can also be a time of powerful transformation. Let me help you write the next chapter of your life. 

My goal is to create a space where you can be vulnerable, gain support and be free to be fully human, find your voice to live on their own terms and still be a little bit fierce. As we begin to develop a strong working alliance, sessions generally are about figuring out what’s getting in the way of the life you envision - sorting out your relationships, changing old thought patterns, or creating a strategy about what is next in your life.

The best way to describe Andrea’s counseling approach is ‘tough love.’ She is compassionate, empathetic, and genuinely wants you to live your best life. At the same time, she pushes you to walk in your own truth—whatever that may be—and confidently confront the realities of your life and relationships. I am truly grateful for how Andrea has helped me grow as a woman and wife and, ultimately, become a better version of myself.

— JP
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